Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Lush Autumn and Halloween 2016 Haul

I had a much needed trip to Lush! 
I dont visit Lush as often as I used to - the last time I went in was in York to try the salted caramel soap. I personally love Lush a lot more at this time of year with all the Autumn / Halloween and Christmas Products with the most amazing scents.
After I finished work on Saturday I went in a picked up half of the new Halloween pieces...
Autumn Leaf

'Autumn colours dapple your bath red and yellow, as falling leaves signify the start of winter. From the comfort of a hot bath, watch as the evenings draw in, and the trees don vibrant plumage. The scent of fresh grass evokes the crunch of crisp leaves underfoot as the last remnants of summer are stolen away.'

I kept seeing images and videos of this in use on Lush instagram accounts and instantly loved how colourful it was. I love that this years collection is a mixture of Halloween and Autumn instead of just Halloween like it usually is. This bath bomb contains Neroli oil, Sandalwood oil, Japanese maple sap and Bergamot oil - It has such a lovely scent.



'Serve yourself up a slab of sweet pumpkin pie, dripping in spice and sauciness - its even more satisfying in bath bomb form. Sweet, comforting vanilla absolute and spicy cinammon evoke the rich, biscuity fragrance of home baking and stacked desserts, ensuring that you feel toasty from top to toe. A soak with this pumpkin-shaped bomb is more satisfying than a belly full of pudding.'

Every year I see the sparking pumpkin bubble bar and always wished they did a pumpkin bath bomb...looks like this year my wish was answered. I instantly fell in love with the scent of this from the moment I picked it up in store and im not getting bored of the pumpkin stinking out my room. The bath bomb contains Pimento Berry oil and Vanilla absolute - amazing smell.


Lord of Misrule

'Revel in your bath with this mischievous bomb that features a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. Inspired by the ruler of the pagan feast of fools, Lord Of Misrule has a deep green exterior that slowly froths away to reveal a rich, wine-coloured centre. Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine starts to flow, the popping candy crackles and the festivities begin...'

This bath bomb will always remind me of Amsterdam - It  was the place where I first discovered it and also the only place I knew with it - I remember my local lush had a lot of the christmas pieces in but I hadn't seen it. The bath bomb contains: Black Pepper oil, Patchouli oil and vanilla absolute. I have only purchased this bath bomb once after Amsterdam and that was a long time ago now but I do remember that this does turn your water into a red wine colour. Its really nice and love the scent.


Sparkly Pumpkin

'I guess you think you know this story. You dont. The real one's much more foamy. Mind you, Dahl got the first bit right, The bit where, in the dead of night, The Ugly Sisters, jewels and all, Departed for the Palace ball, While darling little Cinderella was locked up in a slimy cellar, She bellowed 'Help!' and 'Let me out!' The magic fairy heard her shout. She answered "Cindy, keep your cool! And I shall send you to ball!" Cindy said, "Don't make me laugh, I'd much prefer a steamy bath. My sisters treat me like a pauper, Then don't save me any water!" Moved by Cinderella's troubles, The Fairy conjured up some bubbles, She filled the bath tub to the top and Cindy soon forgot her strop. "Wow", she shouted, "Gold and lime!" A bath this good is worth my time, And readers, it is worth yours too, As (Nearly) every word is true.'

Everyone seems to love this bubble bar, so this year I decided to purchase it and see why people love it so much! This bath bomb has such a lovely scent and contains: Junipeberry oil, Lime oil and Grapefruit oil. I love the design of this bubble bar especially with the little cinnamon stick stalk and all the glitter - Can not wait to use this. 


I still want to get my hands on the Monsters' ball bath bomb and try the Boo bath melt.
Cant wait for the Christmas bits to come out now! 

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