Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Teddy Bear Tea Rooms

(These pictures are making me wish I was back in York...)

I have been to the Teddy Bear shop many times when I have been in York, but until recently I didnt know they had a Tea Room upstairs. 
The Tea Room is on 2 floors over three small rooms, Its a very traditional looking place but with a non traditional and modern way of presenting food. As I hadn't been in here before I expected it to be like an old cafe that hasn't updated itself since the 80s - where it would smell of bake potatoes and have a variety of odd sandwiches.

I was overly impressed with everything.

I opted for a gingerbread hot chocolate (Which I wish I had in-front of me right now...) and a Toasted Tea cake. The gingerbread  hot chocolate was hands down one of the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had - I am now obsessed with Gingerbread Hot chocolates.
They have a wide variety of foods and drinks - from a Teddy Bears Picnic to a fancy Victoria sponge cake displayed on a wooden board with cream - Everything is reasonably priced as well.

If you are ever in York I highly recommend the Teddy Bear Tea Rooms.

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