Monday, 10 August 2015

Lush || Rose Jam Bubbleroon

 While in Manchester I couldn’t resist popping into Lush (you can’t walk past and not go inside). I had one thing on the top of my list to get which will be in a following post, but I wasn’t expecting to find this.

I have noticed a lot of Lush shops seem to be stocking some of the Oxford Street exclusive products (for example my local Lush is getting in the Intergalactic bath bomb and more). Whilst looking around I came across the ‘Rose Jam Bubbleroon’ - an Oxford Street exclusive, which I had to try.

Crumble under a running hot tap, to create lots of bubbles and soft creamy water’.

The bath bomb its self is bright pink with flecks of glitter on top, with a light pink ‘Jam’ in the centre- Which must be the thing that makes the bath water so soft. When I used this I found it impossibly hard to crumble under the water and impossible to even break, so I had to stand with it under the water for ages. Once it started to crumble it began to turn the bath water bright pink with LOTS of bubbles!  

I hope this is something my local lush will get in because I love it.

Lush- Rose Jam Bubbleroon- £3.75

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