Sunday, 1 November 2015

This is Halloween...

As I finally got around to sorting out the cabin this year I said to my brother I wanted to go all out on Halloween and use it on the day - Which we did! Yesterday morning I went up there and finished decorating it, I added some more pumpkin themed things (If it isn't obvious already I love Pumpkins!), Spider webs around the table (because I couldn't find a black/ Halloween table cloth), some children's Halloween DVDs and snacks which we picked up later in the afternoon at Sainsburys. A couple of weeks ago I picked up Hocus Pocus for us to watch on Halloween as I had never seen it before - I know! Its THE Halloween film everyone has watched!

Happy Halloween!
(for Yesterday!)

I plan on doing something similar for Christmas which will be fun! 
I love little posts like this as its something to look back on, I hope you enjoyed this post.

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