Sunday, 13 April 2014

All aboard the Hogwarts Express.

Me and the Family went away up to York for the weekend and on Saturday we went to the National Railway Museum. I wanted to go her for 3 reasons; 1. Art 2. We hadn't been in a while and 3. I saw recently they had the Hogwart's Express there! YES the actual train from the film! These are just some photos from the day. 
We did see the Hogwart's Express but it was being repaired unfortunately, I was hopping to see it outside in all its glory but it doesn't matter I saw it and that's the main point. I also found the Platform 9 3/4 station sign. 

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  1. so cool that they have the hogwarts express there now, I went nearly a decade ago when I was little and I didn't remember seeing it there so I'm guessing it must be quite recent but that's awesome, nice post :)