Thursday, 22 August 2013

JuJu Jelly Shoes

(Sorry for the bad quality of this picture)

I personally feel that these shoes need there own blog post. I love Jelly Shoes, I like the whole look and the whole design of the shoes. If you were a child of the 90s you probably owned a pair of jelly shoes, I did...I had a gold glitter pair, silver glitter pair and a red pair. Someone I follow on Instagram posted a picture of some Jelly shoes she had purchased and i went on the hunt all over the inter-webs for a pair and finally found them on Office website in loads of different colours and 2/3 designs.

I was hesitant to buy a pair because I wasn't sure how I would wear them,what they would look like or if I could even pull them off. Recently a pair of sandals I brought from New Look had broken on me (I hadn't even worn them that much for them to break as much as they had). I then decided to get a pair of them at last. Office had sold out, I couldn't find them on ASOS any more, Top Shop was the only place with them left. As you can see from the picture I got the Clear Glittery ones. I love them, At first they are hard to walk in and get used to but after a while they are easy and so comfortable.
These were £20 from Top Shop,Office and Asos (If you can find them again) in Office and online they do a wide variety of colours. 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

NEW Maybelline New York || UK Baby lips!

On YouTube I am subscribed to a couple of American beauty and fashion YouTuber's and they always use the Baby lips. I have wanted to own them for a long time, When I read on Maybelline's Facebook page that they were going to be released in the UK I was excited and wanted them straight away. Somewhere I had read these came out in August but came out earlier online only but I went into Boots at the beginning of the week and found them hidden away at the bottom of the Maybelline make up stand. The only ones left where the clear one's which are called: Intense Care, Mint Fresh and Hydrate.

I have used them everyday since I brought them, there honestly amazing and the price for them is worth it. These leave your lips feeling so soft and leave a shine. Mint fresh...well smells like mint, but like a mild toothpaste mint. Blue:Hydrate to me smells of a mixture between Haribo and Love Hearts. The clear ones work a treat at night when you put them on at night before bed as you wake up with soft lips. I would say with these ones its not worth the money just buying three clear ones as they all do the exact same thing they just have different scents to them. These are available in Boots and Superdrug but I have only seen them in Boots. These are also in a 3 for 2 offer on all Maybelline Products in Boots at £2.99 each.

Friday, 9 August 2013

MUA One Direction: Kiss You Lip Sticks and Lip Gloss || Review

In Superdrug the make up brand MUA, not that long ago brought out a One Direction collection, I have previously done a review on the Little Things: Nail Varnish which I will link here. If you don't know what MUA is it is a make up brand that is only in superdrug stores where alot of the products range from £1 to around £6 (everything used to be £1). These are the last two things I picked up from the collection, They also have a cheek tint that i wanted to get but they didnt have any left and I also want to get the other colours they have.
I picked up the Naill lipstick in 'Moments' this is a really natural pink colour. I'm want to start to wear lipsticks I own quite a few I just never really wear them. I am a tad scared of wearing bright colours (even though I own a lipstick from Rimmel London's Kate Moss Collection in a bright cherry red colour) I always lean towards the more natural colours and corals. Its a matt colour with a very very slight hint of shimmer, This also leaves your lips feeling soft and nourished a bit like a lip balm. I love the packaging, The shape of it reminds me of the Mac lipsticks. The lipstick it's self has 1D logo and ' XOXO' embossed onto it. I want to try and get the other lipsticks in this collection and this is one I will get again I love it that much!   £3.00
The Last thing I picked up from the One Direction collection was the 'Zayn loves....Watermelon' Kiss You Lip Polish (Lip Gloss). I have had one of these before from MUA from the Love Hearts Collection in a light pink colour. I absolutely hate Lip Gloss, I hate the feel of them on my lips and they always feel really sticky. This isn't like that in anyway I find it to be more of a lip balm, like the Maybelline Baby Lips but with more pigment. I picked up one of the lighter colours which is a very light pink, this also has a very light shimmer to it and is also. Like the lipstick this is long lasting and also leaves your lips feeling soft and nourished.  £2.50

Have you tried anything from the MUA One Direction collection and what do you think of it?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MUA One Direction: Little Things Nail Varnish || REVIEW

Not that long ago on MUA blog I read that they were bringing out a One Direction Collection, I was intrigued and wanted to try the products. I brought a little collection of things but I chose to start of with the Little Things Nail Varnish.
When I first heard of MUA I didnt want to use cheap £1 make up so I brought alot of Nail Varnishes instead. I love MUA nail varnishes, I hate having to wait for nail varnish to dry but these dry so quickly to alot of other nail varnished I have tried. The only thing I don't like about the MUA nail varnish is some of them dry out really quickly, for example I had some really light colours from them and they had dried out. I think they have changed there formula im not to sure so they might not dry out so fast any more. From the One Direction Collection I picked up the Harry and Zayn ones, I wanted to get them all but my superdrug didnt have alot of this collection left. The design of the bottles slightly remind me of the OPI and China Glaze nail varnish bottles.
The first thing I picked up when I walked into the shop was the Harry Styles Nail Varnish in Fuschia Frenzy. This is a nice dark pink colour, I'm not the biggest fan of Pink Nail Varnish as I don't think they suit me, I like my Pastel Blues and Greens and darker colours. Surprisingly I really like this pink Its not to light and its not to dark Its just the right colour. Depending on the colour you pick up from MUA the nail varnish can either be really sheer and you have to apply quite a few coats or you can get one and one coat and you have the colour in the jar. This colour is one of them, I applied one coat and I had the colour of the bottle.
The next nail varnish I picked up from the collection was the Zayn nail varnish in Raspberry Rush. I like to use alot darker colours like this in Autumn and Winter, I like to have Nail Varnish to go with each season. For example I have light blue for Summer and Winter, Dark Greens, Bright Reds, Gold and Silver for Christmas and Dark Reds and Purples for Autumn. Again like the Harry nail polish and others from MUA this dry's so fast which is perfect. The only thing I don't like is this colour is really sheer I think I had to apply 3/4 coats to get the colour I wanted.

I really like these and may have to invest in getting the other 3 colours, These are £3 each you can get them of MUA website or Superdrug (online and in store). Reviews of other products from the MUA One Direction Collection will be up soon.