Monday, 20 February 2017

My Top 10 Records

I bloody love music!
Music is and always has been a huge part of my life growing up - records and CDs everywhere, music magazines always around, posters, films and TV shows. My dad is a huge music lover so he introduced me and my brothers to artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Rolling Stones and so many more. On my 21st I received a record player and over a year and a half I have built up quite a lot of records (There is an on going list of records I want to find), I decided to rummage through them and pick out 10 of my favourites and they are not in order because I dont think I could do that.

1.The Monkees - The Monkees

2. Micheal Nesmith - The best of Mike Nesmith

3. The Monkees - Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones LTD.

4. The Beatles - Rubber Soul

5. The Everly Brothers Greatest Hits Collection

6. The Beatles - A Hard Days Night

7. Mary Poppins Soundtrack

8. Cliff Richard and The Shadows - The Young Ones

9. Wings - Venus and Mars

10. Best of Bowie

Thursday, 16 February 2017

You say you want a revolution.

It feels like a life time since my last trip to London even though in reality it was only 3/4 months ago.
Instead of going to the usual spots on this trip we ventured to the V&A to go to the 'You say you want a revolution' exhibition. I had heard about this exhibition a while back and have been desperate to go - as I am doing a project on Psychedelia and the 1960s I thought this was a perfect excuse.
Since I was very young I have always had a love for the 1960s and a huge never ending love for The Beatles. So as soon as we got into the exhibition space I was in heaven - When I walked in the first thing I marched of to was John Lennons suit he wore on the Ed Sullivan show and all of a sudden Beatles music was being played in my ear. I feel like going around this exhibition I was like a child in a sweet shop, I was just so happy to be surrounded by so much I loved and have grown up knowing about.
 After staring at John Lennons suit for a good while I walked around the corner to see Twiggy outfits, Mary Quant clothes, Vidal Sassoon, paper dresses and so much more. They had the 'Double D' dress which I have always loved and would still to this day wish I could own. I absolutely loved how the place was planed out so you had music playing through headsets, everything was easy to read and everything was visually pleasing.
I wont go into detail about every single thing there because to be honest I will be here all day and If you are still thinking about or are going I dont want to ruin it all for you. (There is only 10 days left to go so hurry) The only thing that did annoy me about the exhibition (and I wish I left in in the visitor book on the way out for them to read) was the pointless headsets! I understand having them when the videos are playing but on the other hand they were completely pointless. Music changed at every display you were at and a lot of the time people were to focused on the music and looking that they became totally unaware of the people around them. That is my only down side to the exhibition - It was so good, I wish I did go to it sooner and this time around it was me going back.

Highly recommend a visit before it ends.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul 2016

(loving all the bags at lush at the moment)

Its that time of year again for another Lush boxing day haul!
All the christmas products had 50% really I couldn't say no! I picked up bath bombs and bubble bars (If I had more time I would have looked at all the other christmas products) which I have (apart from one) never tried before or could never justify spending money on before.

The Magic of Christmas Wand
Was £5.95 Now £2.98
I saw this last year and wanted to get my hands on it and didnt, this year I wanted to go back to lush and treat myself to one...I didnt but seeing as it was half off in the sale I picked one up to try.
This is just christmas in a bubble bar; spiced, the orange, glitter and bells. I love that this wand doesn't have the usual wooden stick and has been replaced with a cinnamon stick (which still smells of cinnamon - the best scent at christmas). When I was in the shop I didnt smell any of the products, I picked up what I wanted and headed straight to the till. I was surprised with how much I love the scent of this you get hit with the spices first before the orange makes an appearance - I hate anything that has the scent of orange but this is just divine.

 Snowie Bubble Bar
Was £4.25 Now £2.13
I couldn't leave this little man behind it looks like David Bowie....
I wanted to get this when it first came out but I never got around to having another visit to Lush to try and get it. This is of course white (looks sort of like a snowman) with the red and blue lighting bolt across the front, with one blue eye and a missing red eye. Even though this is part of the christmas collection is doesn't scream christmas or a have a general christmas scent. The product has a very fruity and floral scent, which I wasnt expecting and I really hope that they keep this as an all year round product.
Magic Wand Bubble Bar
Was: £5.95 Now: £2.98
For the past couple of years I have seen this wand and I look at getting it and never do.
Bright pink star, dusted in glitter, with added bell and smells exactly like snow fairy...perfect.
I love the sweet scents lush do and the snow fairy scent is one of my favourites, there are multiple products they have all year round that smell like this - smells like candy floss and bubble gum with a light hint of strawberry. 

So White Bath Bomb
Was: £3.75 Now: £1.88
I dont think I have ever had so white before but have seen and smelt it may times...and I dont understand why I have never had one. This has such a lovely, nice 'fresh' apple scent to it, the bath bomb is usually completely white but this year lush have added a little leaf on top. I am yet to know what this bath bomb does but I am interested to find out and cant wait to use it.

Stardust Bath Bomb
Was: £2.95 Now: £1.48
This bath bomb is such a simple product; It doesn't do to much compared to other bath bombs, because it is so simple is one of the reasons why I love it. It is completely white with a very light vanilla scent, Once placed into the bath it has a burst of stars inside which leave the water very colourful.

I am very happy with my sale purchases this year, If I had a bit more time I would have liked to have had a proper look around at all the christmas products. I really wanted to get another bottle of the snow fairy shower gel.