Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How I decorate for Halloween/Autumn

It feels like ages ago I last posted but today I thought I would do a basic post to get back into things. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, I love Christmas to pieces and for some odd reason I have started getting into Halloween. I really enjoy decorating my room for each season for example I have alot more floral and pastel colours out in Spring/ Summer. In today's post I thought I would share with you how I decorate my room for Autumn/ Halloween.
 My Pumpkin Lights £1 poundland!!
Fake Spider web with spiders £1 - Wilkinsons (I think you can get these pretty much everywhere) Pumpkin Bucket- 99p Aldi.
When i brought this i had chocolate Pumpkin's and Eye balls but at the moment I have a selection bag of sweets £1 - Wilko but everywhere has them.
I know I know its slightly out of focus but i liked it! The last pumpkin/Halloween related thing is this mini pumpkin from Waitrose which was £2 and there now £1 in every other supermarket!!!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Nightmare before Christmas Pumpkin!

I'm not going to lie but at the moment I have been obsessed with Pumpkins and The Nightmare before Christmas. Combined I created a Pumpkin of Jacks face, Yes this has been done before because I found it on Google...



End result!! I love Pumpkins and want a collection of them with different faces carved into them! I plan to do some more Halloween posts over the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Little Mix make up for Collection

I first heard of the little mix make up range through collections twitter, I'm not a fan of little mix but I couldn't say no to grabbing some pieces from the collection. This was released in Superdrug on 25th September and has only just come into Boots recently.
The Collection consists of Eye-shadow Trios, Eye Liners, Loose Pigments, Mascaras, Lipstick and glosses, Blushes, Bronzer and Nail Varnish. Each of little mix has there own little collection, Jades is Vibrant, Jesy's is bold, Leigh-anne is Bronze and Perrie's is Daring. The prices for the product ranges from £1.99 for a nail Polish to £3.19 for a trio pallet.
I had been putting this post of for while because i wanted something from each girl to put into this post but the superdrug or boots i go to never have the things i want to try such as a lipstick or all the nail polish. Instead i gave up waiting and im going to share with you my thoughts on these two eye shadows from Leigh- Anne collection. The first product is one of the trio pallets, they are all shimmery colours which all create the perfect smokey eye with the hint of shimmer. The Darkest brown is highly pigmented and is easy to blend out into a lighter brown colour if you wanted a wash of colour but not a strong colour. The second colour in this pallet is a very pigmented bronze colour which again cane be blended out into a lighter and easy to wear colour. This has a lot more shimmer in than the darker colour which is almost a metallic colour.
The Lightest colour in this pallet is the only colour that i absolutely hate! It is really pigmented with just a swipe on the lip but if you used this is a smokey eye and blended it out this just leaves a shine and no colour what so ever. There is a lot of glitter in this shadow which makes it really hard to get any colour on to the brush. I do want to try one of the other pallets as there are some which aren't to shimmery like this.
The second eye shadow I picked up was a Dark Brown loose pigment from again Leigh- Anne's collection. This is essentially just the exact same colour as the dark brown in the trio pallet, I do find it to be very slightly different. I do find the colour isn't as heavy in colour compared to the brown in the trio pallet where its quite dark when applied. I would like it if this came with a stopper to press the colour down as it does try to escape.

I recommend taking a look at this Collection by Little Mix, There are some really nice products. I desperately want to try a lip stick, blush and the nail polish.