Monday, 29 July 2013


In Kent this weekend Canterbury held its well known festival Lounge on the Farm.I have been going for the past 4/5 years. It is one of these festivals where one year you know 10-12 of the Artists and the next year you will only know 2 or 3 which this year it was. I normally go for the whole weekend but as I one knew about 3/4 people there I chose to go just on Saturday.  This year they had got rid of one of my favourite stages 'Meadows Stage'. This usually has loads of little bands and sometimes well known bands, like last year when they had The Mystery Jets and King Charles. I missed this stage, As this had gone I ended up watching alot of the comedians which were amazing. They all had to try and be careful of what they said as there were younger children around but I noticed some of them just gave up. 
Lounge on the Farm has a wide variety of different foods from local made foods to curry's ect. I had one of the best Pizzas I think I have ever had (sorry pizza hut and pizza express) and an amazing M&M Milkshake which I want to try and make myself it was sooo good!. This year they had some vintage fairground rides The Helter Skelter, bumper cars, Ferris Wheel and Swing ride. I liked these but I felt like they were quite pointless to because every time I went past them I didnt see anyone on them.
I only saw three bands this year Broken Hands, Willy Moon and Tribes who were all really good! I have seen Broken Hands before but when I last saw them I think they had a different name.One of Willy Moons songs had been used in one of the many iPod adverts. I YouTubed him the night before and found some amazing songs, very 1950/60s. On after Willy Moon were the Tribes (The main reason why i chose to go on the Saturday) who were amazing! I don't know where i first heard of them, I have a feeling it was on Jools Holland but im not entirely sure. 20 mins into there set it started to rain, then it got heavier and then it just turned into Thunder and Lightning lighting up the whole sky. 
I think  next year Lounge on the Farm needs to firstly bring back my favourite stage with all the little artists and secondly more interesting and slightly better headliners. On the Friday they had Sea sick Steve headlining...why? There is nothing wrong with him but he is more of a Saturday/ Sunday afternoon act...not a headliner. I feel like im doing nothing but moaning about it, I LOVE Lounge on the Farm...Its just this year was ok, not the best line up, 2011/12 were the best years in my opinion...Ellie Goulding, The Vaccines, Example, Bastille, Jake Bugg...I think they need to do lot better with the bands and Artists they have next year.


Friday, 12 July 2013

DIY || Floral Headbands

I have seen these on all the fashion things i follow on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram but i haven't been able to find any in any shops. I saw one in Top Shop for £12 but when I looked at it thought, you could easily make it and only spend around £3/4. I have made two different ones and will explain how to make both.
What you will need:
  • An old plain headband (If you don't have one you can get these anywhere i got the one i used for £1 in Wilkinson) 
  • Flowers of your choice they can be any size or colour. I chose to use slightly bigger flowers. ( I brought Purple and white flowers in a small bunch for £1.50 each in Wilkinsons and just cut the flowers off.OR you can get some flowers in a craft shop.)
  • Hot glue gun if you don't have one of these use Super glue.
How to: 
1.If you buy the bunches of flowers and cut them them right up-to the bottom of the flower but so there is still a very small point.
2. Before you stick anything on to the headband measure where you want the flowers to come up to. You don't want going all they way around behind you ear other wise it wont go on properly.
3. The simple and easy step glue them on and then leave to dry.
What you will need:
  • Elastic (If you cant find any Elastic you could use a headband like before)
  • Flowers of your choice they can be any size or colour. I chose to use smaller flowers this time. I found these two bags of white and purple in a craft shop for 99p each.
  • I used a hot glue gun if you don't have one of these use Superglue.
1.Measure around your head how much of the elastic you are going to need cut it so it overlaps a bit to stick the two ends together.
2. Glue the two ends very slightly overlapping each other but make sure its not to much and still fits.
3. Glue on the flowers however you want, I did mine closer together because i thought they looked better that way because of how small they were. You can do it further apart, However you want.

Please tell me which of these you try to make and how they turned out i would be interested.