Sunday, 4 November 2012

Primark Haul

Made a little visit to Primark.
I needed some warm winter stuff like Jumpers ect but i couldn't really find any jumpers that i really liked and wanted.I need to find some...i only have two. 

 I have been looking at Christmas Candles in every shop i have been into which has a typical Christmas smell. I had found one in fenwicks which had the most amazing Christmas scent but i wasn't up to spending £7.50 on a candle that was half the size of a can of soup. I went into Primark and found this which has a very light christmassy smell. Its a 3 wick candle and is only £3.50.

 I have such a struggle to find any rings that fit my fingers but i found this set of 6 in there for only £2. The set has a ring with a stud on it but i saw when i came out the shop i didn't have a stud on it. To be honest though i don't mind i didn't really like it.
I have no idea where any of my gloves have gone from last year but i thought i would by some new ones. These were only £2.50
 I saw this in Zoella's recent Primark Haul video and reallllyyy wanted to get one. This was from the mens section of Primark, It's a blue, white and red fairisle print which i loveee. I went on the hunt for one of the plain bobble hats for when i dont want to wear such a loud print but there were only white ones left or horrible ones with bits of glitter in them, so im just going to get one from New Look. £3.00

 I LOVE anything with Moustache's on and saw this and had to have it. Its just White with Black Moutache's allll over it. This was only £2.50

 Basic Muppet Christmas wrapping Paper i got to wrap both my brothers presents in. This was only £1.
 Studded collars
 I was looking for this shirt for absolutely ages in my size and finalllyyy found it today. I love it, Its very sheer and cream with Kolas all over it, Long Sleeves with studded Collars. This was only £12, which i didn't think was all that bad for a nice shirt.

 Instead of a jumper i found a cardigan, I have a Green Hoodie from Primark that i absolutely love...i wear it farrr to much though and really needed something else to wear over the top of things. I found this cardigan, I don't know whether to call it a fairisle print...It reminds me of something my Grandpa and Grandad would have worn.  This was £14.
I also got a Black Snood which was £5 and a Pain white t-shirt which was £4. These were hard to photograph so i left them out.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation || Review

For a while i have been using the Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation (which i have done a review on to see it click HERE) this worked really well but i have recently ran out of it. I went to Boots to try and find the same one but they didn't seem to have this in the store anywhere so i decided to give up and look for another one. Instead i found this foundation which is the Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation in 010 Light Porcelain. This also contains SPF 18.

£6.99 Boots.
'Traceless coverage foundation with advanced Smart-tone technology for perfectly flawless skin under any light. Enhanced with Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow. Lasts all day'

I have never used any of the Rimmel London Foundations until recently. I love this it blends into the skin really well and cover any imperfections slightly (by that i mean you still obviously need a concealer). The consistency isn't very thick which i liked the most, it is very light which makes it a alot easier to blend in. I also find that you don't need alot to cover your whole face maybe just 2/3 small pumps and that would be enough, I sometimes just use one pump of foundation and it covers really well. The foundation has a very light perfumed scent to it but not like a cheap horrible foundation smell. I have used this alot since i have bought it and i find it does stay on for along time.