Friday, 20 November 2015

Lush || Stardust Bathbomb

The other day I popped into lush to get a birthday present for my mum and decided to pick myself up another bath bomb from Lush new christmas range. 
Out of all the pretty things there I picked the ever so simple stardust bath bomb, I didnt know what to expect from this bath bomb - I didnt expect any colour really.

'A sweet-scented festive bomb to bring Santa's christmas presence into your bath. Launch into your bath and watch it fizz away'

As you can see from the image this is nothing but just a white star which is covered in a very light shimmer. Once placed into the bath this unlike other bath bombs fizzes away so fast, releasing a light vanilla scent with lots of little stars which will later dissolve away. When I originally saw this bath bomb - I didnt go and look up what they all do, It ruins the surprise but I was expecting some colour to suddenly pour out of it along with the little stars. I wouldnt say that I am disappointed by this bath bomb - Its nothing special but I loved it regardless - I would definitely say it would be perfect for a child's bath.

This only costs £2.95 - There is so much more Christmas Lush products I want to try!
Anyone got any recommendations?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Salted Caramel Cupcakes has been at the top of my list of things to bake for such a long long time...and I finally got around to baking them.
I did in-fact bake these a while ago but I just stumbled upon the image recently and had to do a blog post on how to make lets get into it:

The cakes:
120g butter
100g sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
170g self raising flour
11/2 tablespoon milk

Dr Oetker Salted Caramel filling
110g Icing Sugar
70g butter
caramel flavoring
1/2 teaspoon salted caramel filling
1 broken up curlywurly

Like usual lets start by getting the boring stuff out the way first - Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees and line the cupcake tin with cases.

1. In a bowl begin by creaming together the butter and sugar until smooth using a trusty wooden spoon (or mixer), next add in your eggs one by one, followed by the vanilla.

2. Once the butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla are mixed together sift in the flour and fold everything together followed by the milk and mix.

3. Once everything is mixed together add the mixture evenly into the cases and pop into the oven for 10-15 minutes.

4. When the cupcakes are done in the oven leave them to cool down for around 10 mins, whilst still remotely warm cut a small circle into the cake and fill with the salted caramel.

To begin with you want to add the butter into the bowl and beat it on its own for a while before slowly adding in the icing sugar. When all the icing has been added add in a couple of drops of the caramel flavouring along with the salted caramel and mix until all combined.
Once the cakes are completely cool pipe on the icing (over the top of the salted caramel hole), place on a chunk of the curlywurly and (optional) a drizzel of salted caramel.

These are so nice...I could literally eat one right now.
Let me know if you try and make them!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Lush Christmas || Yog Nog

Its that time of year again and Lush have brought out the limited edition christmas rage! 
I along with a lot of people love lush a lot more at this time of year with all the warm christmas and autumn/ winter scents. 

I visited Lush briefly a couple of weekends ago and because I visited at the weekend meant the shop was so busy and I could only pick up as well as look at pretty much one thing. There is so much online that I have looked at and want to try and get my hands on. 

On this trip I picked up the Yog Nog bath bomb to try, Last year they just had they yog nog soap which smelt amazing, so I am pretty damn happy that this year they put it into a bath bomb form.
To me this has two different scents - Its more spicy and a typical christmas scent once placed into the bath compared to the scent when you are holding it. 

'Sweeter than dipping into the biscuit tin, this luxurious bomb is sure to warm you up on cold, frosty evenings. Spicy clove bud oil stimulates the senses whilst soya milk powder and organi shea butter creates creamy, comforting waters. Luxuriate in cinder toffee soaks with clouds of gold and a touch of lustre.'

When popped into the bath this will turn your water a bright yellow colour and will also release a spicy typical christmas scent which was heavenly. In the centre of the bath bomb was something like a bath melt - which was the organic shea butter which turned the water so soft on your skin.

I couldn't recommend this bath bomb enough and cant wait to get my hands on another and some other pieces from the christmas more lush posts to come.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

This is Halloween...

As I finally got around to sorting out the cabin this year I said to my brother I wanted to go all out on Halloween and use it on the day - Which we did! Yesterday morning I went up there and finished decorating it, I added some more pumpkin themed things (If it isn't obvious already I love Pumpkins!), Spider webs around the table (because I couldn't find a black/ Halloween table cloth), some children's Halloween DVDs and snacks which we picked up later in the afternoon at Sainsburys. A couple of weeks ago I picked up Hocus Pocus for us to watch on Halloween as I had never seen it before - I know! Its THE Halloween film everyone has watched!

Happy Halloween!
(for Yesterday!)

I plan on doing something similar for Christmas which will be fun! 
I love little posts like this as its something to look back on, I hope you enjoyed this post.