Monday, 18 November 2013

Middle of Nowhere.....

I previously posted a short post from my recent trip to Amsterdam with my uni, I wanted to dedicate this certain post to the Kroller Muller Museum and Sculpture Park in Otterlo, The most amazing park I have ever been to. At this park you can rent a bike for free and cycle around the cycle paths, It has a nice Gallery with an amazing cafe selling nice cake (Have the chocolate!!), You also have a random desert in the middle of the place. When you stand out in the desert and don't say anything it is completely science it is so nice. Go on a bit more and you come to a lake which I nearly fell in due to a man coming so fast around the corner i couldn't brake! Go on for a couple of miles and you come across a nice but very dark pub, At this point i had completely given up with the bike...My legs were so dead! after we stopped and ate the others cycled back and me and cat walked back and took some photos of the tress and how autumnal they looked.
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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sex Drugs and..... Sausage rolls?

Last week with my uni we had a trip to Amsterdam, Holland. I was originally a bit hesitant about going on this trip I kept thinking of everything that could go wrong and didnt like being away, but it was fine and I don't understand why i kept worrying while I was there. I wanted to share a couple of photos with you from my week. The weather there was ridiculously cold, I have also never been so annoyed with people on bikes in my life!

I will have another post which is also to do with Amsterdam but it needs it own post completely! Hope you liked this post! Christmas posts starting soon ;D