Friday, 21 September 2012

17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner || Review

'17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner, Silky, Smooth and Smudge proof. 16 hour wear. All the precision of a liquid liner but with a softer, silkier finish. Includes mini brush for foolproof application. Layer up for a smouldering eye look or use as a base for eye shadow for ultimate intensity.'
£3.99 , 17, Boots
I have been looking at Gel eyeliners for a while and today decided to get one and try it out. Im not one for things like these im always aware of poking myself in the eye alot more than a normal eyeliner pen, plus them working. I was looking at the MUA one on and off and found this one in Boots, the Gel liner from MUA was £3 where as this was £3.99....for 99p more you get a more reasonable size. I have wanted to try the Maybelline Gel Liner but to begin with i wanted to start of with something like this and see how it works for me and then maybe purchase it.  
This applies so smooth on your eyes plus it is very black which i really like, i love a very black eyeliner!
You would probably only want to use this if you are not rushing out anywhere as you would need to be quite precise for the lines you want.
I find that in this weather the colder air hurts/stings my eyes so i find that when i touch my eyes my eyeliner seems to be slightly smudged onto my fingers, this surprisingly doesn't do it which i really like.

What i dont like about this product is that it doesn't stay perfect all day, i find that it starts to flake away and that ends up all around your eyes. The product does last on your eyes though it just doesn't stay perfect so you would need to touch it up when possible. The other thing i dont like is the size of the brush, its just absolutely useless.

If you want to try a Gel Liner i advice something cheaper like this first before you buy something like the Maybelline Gel Liner. I know its only £7.99 but if you have never used it before i do advise it, plus this may not stay perfect all day but it is still a good product.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to make your own Wonka Sweets!

Sometimes i think its only me and my brother who remember these but when Charlie and the Chocolate factory came out in the UK in.....2005 i think. They brought out a selection of 3/4 sweets/chocolate, i know there was a small Wonka bar and a packet of chocolate covered sweets, which were actually Jelly Tots covered in Chocolate.
Anyway the other day... Sunday to be precise they were showing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory on Channel 5, i was telling my youngest brother about the Wonka sweets you could get, he was only 2 when they came out so he wouldn't of been able remember them. We then decided to make them, there the most easiest thing to make in the world.

1. To make these ones you will want Jelly Tots, I would advise looking in the Christmas isles for the tubes of these, i had such a struggle trying to find the small packets. You also want a bar of chocolate, I used Galaxy and oh my they were yummy mixed together. (If your in a different county reading this and want to make them i advise you to buy any small gummy sweets and a bar of chocolate). I got both of these things from Tesco for £1 each.
On my second lot i used Cadburys Chocolate.
2. To begin with you want to melt the whole bar, If you buy the tube then yes you will need a whole bar trust me. I put the chocolate into the Microwave for 30seconds so the chocolate melted completely.
(Like it did for me on my second lot)

3. This step it is up to you how you do it, there is probably an easy alternative to it. I used cocktail sticks and put them into the sweet and dipped the sweet completely into the chocolate. Any easy way you could probably do it (which im going to consider next time) is to put the sweets into a separate bowl and then pour the chocolate into the same bowl and mix together. I would use a spoon to take the sweets out.
4. Next you want to leave the sweets on a plate, make sure you separate the sweets so they dont dry stuck together. Then place them into the fridge and leave them for a couple of hours until there completely dry. 
5.Eat away...there so yummy.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Christmas feeling already....

I know its only mid September but im already starting to feel christmassy apart from the weird weather. There are Christmas Chocolate isles in Tesco, Advent Calenders out and a whole section in The Range dedicated to Christmas decorations and lighting. Im tooooo excited i just want to get the tree up, wrap presents, decorate and watch Christmas films in oversized woolly jumpers. As soon as Halloween has been and gone i know its not long until Christmas.
Had to be included National Lampoon Christmas Vacation is my absolute favourite Christmas film, i look forward to watching it every year.
I have always LOVED the vintage, country looking Christmas decorations you can get and make your self, this year it is the style i plan to go for. Ive always been inspired by the Christmas cooking programs for decorations. I have a list of Christmas Craft ideas i want to do on my computer such as Bunting, Christmas Cards and Gift tags and decorations in general. Im almost tempted to starting making everything now so its all ready to put up in December.

I was looking through Etsy for some Halloween ideas that i could make and do for my brother. My family isn't a fan of Halloween at all but i always want to make sure i can do something for my younger brother, for example dress him up and have some edible gory looking foods for him to eat. I found this was a great place to look for Inspiration for all events such as weddings, Halloween, Birthdays ect, plus if you haven't got time to make the things you find but want them up you can buy them. From Looking at Etsy it has given me alot of inspiration for Christmas things such as the Vintage looking Christmas Cards and Christmas tags. It has so much Christmas stuff to buy and get inspiration from on there...its like heaven for someone who likes crafts or anything like that.
My Grandma got me into crafts/card making around 3/4 years ago now,she always makes the best cards, Pop up cards with little mice illustrations dressed up like humans at Christmas and Cards inspired by the Snowman and Father Christmas films. This time last year we moved into our new house so there was alot of mess and boxes around so we couldn't really have anything up and i was the one who had to force my family to go out and buy the Christmas tree. This year I want to do Christmas,I want to be the one to decorate everything in a very vintage Christmas style. I want to have help from my Grandma to make some really nice Vintage Christmas cards and tags.
 You know it Christmas when you see this on TV.
I will definitely be doing some Christmas Craft posts closer to Christmas, Im far to excited to start making everything. I will hopefully be doing some Halloween Craft posts so look out for them. I would like to let you know though by the app on my iPod* it is exactly.....
* Im not a sad person who has an app to tell her how long it is until Christmas it countdowns to any certain date you type in on the app to tell you how many days it is.