Sunday, 24 January 2016

Record Collection

Recently record players and vinyls have become so popular again, for me personally, they never went anywhere. I have grown up in a home full of records, every where you look in there is a record - If its not one of my dads many many records then its my brothers.

On my 21st last year I received a record player which I had been wanting for ages, My record player is by Steepletone, it is red and in the style of the 1960s record players. So as vinyls are making a 'comeback', I thought I would share my small but growing collection of vinyls - As we have a record player in our cabin I would pick up a record every now and then but what I have I have collected over the past year.  The majority of the records I own are from either charity shops, Record fairs and a couple my mum has given me of hers. I have a lot of Christmas records which I will post at a later date.

Arctic Monkeys -AM
Doris Day and Frank Sinatra - Young at Heart
The Voice of your Choice - Doris Day
Wham! - Fantastic
The Sound of Music
Wings- Venus and Mars
K-Tel's Summer Crusin (compilation album)
20 great heart breakers (compilation album)
The Bobby Vee singles album
The Bill Haley Collection
Buddy Holly Greatest Hits
Little Richard
The Golden Hour of The Searchers
Elvis Presley - Easy come easy go
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Grease soundtrack
Mary Poppins
The Came rock and Roll (compilation album)
The Everly Brothers greatest hits
Kaiser Chiefs- Yours truly angry mob
The best of Cliff Richard
Cliff and The Shadows
Elvis 40 greatests
Cliff Richard - The young ones
A collection of Beatles Oldies
Rock on with Gene Vincent
More of Roy Orbison greatest hits
Eddit Cochran - C'mon everybody
The Beach Boys- 20 Golden greats
The Beatles- A hard days night

Thats all for now folks...

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