Wednesday, 2 March 2016


So over the weekend I popped into Lush and had the best and easiest experience. I hate how the Lush staff just pounce on you even though you just want to have a look around - but I knew what I wanted to it was in and out in two mins! Lets just get into the haul...
The melting marshmallow moment bath oils is one of my favourite bath products and scent lush do - I love the sweet scents. I fist picked this up last year at the oxford street Lush and a couple of weeks later my local lush finally started to stock this. This has an extremely sweet scent, now I  have said it before and I will say it again the scent reminds me of the fruit salad sweets but is in fact 'Candy floss' scented. Once this is placed into the bath the bath oil completely melts and leaves a very soft and amazing scented water...but no colour. This was £2.00.
Everything from here down me and my brother picked out for our mum for mothers day. My mum loves hand things, I saw this a couple of weeks ago in Lush and knew I had to come back (after looking it up) and pick it up for her. So, this is the Golden Handshake Hot Hand mask which contains avocado, argan oil, castor oil as well as cupuacu and murumuru butters. To use this you want to stand your hand mask upright in a bowl (which is large enough to fit both hands), Add enough hot water to cover the product and sir. An alternative is to massage the bar into you hands before rinsing off. Take a look at Lush website for more information. This was only £2.95.
This bath bomb is currently in for mothers day, so if you like the look and sound of it I recommend getting down to lush before mothers day and its gone. I am assuming this is a new product for this mothers day as I have never seen it before and it is the 'Rose Bombshell' bath bomb. This bath bomb has a light, fresh and very floral scent to it, I dont know what it is going to do to you bath water but Im going to guess turn pink. This is a bath bomb I definately want to go back and get for myself before they go, this was £3.95.
The last product in this haul is a much loved bath bomb of mine, the ever so simple 'Fluffy Egg' bath bomb. My youngest brother picked this out for our mum for mothers day, So I hope she likes this bath bomb as much as I do. This has a very sweet candy like scent to it (which I love!) and will also turn your water bright pink. If you didnt know already they do have an all year round bath bomb 'Think Pink' which is exactly the same as this...minus the egg shape. £2.95

Is there anything in this haul you will be picking up?

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