Monday, 28 December 2015

Lush Christmas Sale

On boxing day I went onto Lush website to try and get my hands on some bits and pieces in the sale - mainly another slice of the snowcake soap. I took a trip into Lush after work yesterday to see if they had anything left in the sale and came out with three little things.

Golden Wonder bath bomb: £3.95 - Now: £1.98
Golden wonder is a bath bomb I always look at getting at christmas but never end up getting it, so as it was in the sale I thought about finally picking one up. 
'Bathe in liquid gold with this uplifting, sweet citrus bomb. Launch into your bath water and watch it wonder as it unwraps itself.'
This has a dusting of glitter all over and if you couldn't tell already its also shaped like a little present. As the description of this bath bomb already tells us this has such a sweet citrus scent - Lime and orange. I am yet to use this so im not really sure what to expect...but I am guessing something blue as there is a lot of blue on the edges.

Candy Mountain bubble bar:  £2.95 - Now £1.48
'Make bath time an even sweeter treat with this bubble bar. Crumble under running water for mountains of glistening candy-scented bubbles.'
The first time I picked up candy mountain was in the original pink and green colours and for someones stocking, so I have never had it for myself. I have used other bath products with a similar scent, the creamy candy bubble bar and think pink bath bomb - If you have a nose for sweet scents then these are for  you. This has a light coating of glitter and a sweet vanilla scent - I honestly cant stop smelling this I love it so much (same with the golden wonder). 

Snowcake soap:
Last year me and my mum discovered the snowcake soap from lush and absolutely love it, we picked it up again this year as soon as the christmas products made an appearance in store. We literally just ran out of the soap on christmas day so I decided to pick this up regardless of the stupid price it was going to be (there was no one around to cut it down to a small amount).
'This shimmering sweet marzipan-scented soap makes for a creamy and comforting christmas treat. Made with a palm free soap base, benzoin, soothing rose and uplifting cassie absolutes, this soap created a rich and luxurious lather.'
I dont know how to describe a soap but the scent is heavenly and lasts quite a while on you as well.

I love lush and have never experienced a Lush sale before - I always miss them.
Anyone pick up any good bargains from lush?

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