Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Frosted Fairground at Dreamland!

On Sunday I FINALLY got around to visiting Dreamland in Margate! The park re opened its doors this year on June 19th (my birthday). Through out December the park has been free to visit but you have to pay for the rides - I unfortunately didnt get to go on any of the rides but I just enjoyed going around looking at everything going on and snapping away with my camera. 

Everyone kept saying to me before I went; 'Dremland was rubbish' and  'Waste of time' - I loved it, I love how they have kept it so traditional with the rides, layouts and the arcade games inside. My perfect place - I hate all these fast and over the top rides.

Can not wait to visit again! I'm tempted to go back again this week as its free but I would happily pay the normal price for dreamland.

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