Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Yorkshire Soap co

Whilst in York I came across the Yorkshire soap company, the amount of times I go to York I have never noticed this shop. When I went in I described it as a fancy Lush but with very affordable prices especially with there soaps,so much cheaper than the lush soaps (apart from one kind...).
I was greeted into the shop with very disney like songs and then 2 mary poppins songs started to play followed by a willy wonka song, I felt like I was in heaven. None of these things I have yet to use (We already have a soap on the go so we can't use these just yet)

Two things I picked up were from the Easter collection sale, both Soaps. The first I picked up is featured in the second image and it is a Chocolate easter egg soap, This smells exactly like chocolate!! It is shaped like one half of an easter egg and coated with a light dusting of glitter.
The next soap from the easter collection is an Easter cake slice, Each slice is pretty generous, some slices can be a tad bigger than others. The soap is a light Green/ Yellow, on top we have a small dollop of soap (resembling the icing) with a little chick on top also a little 'Happy Easter' confetti piece. This has a light floral scent.

The next two things I picked up is general things they always have. I picked up one of the Bath Truffle's, this is presented like a mini cupcake with a blue rose on top. This again has a light floral scent and like I said at the beginning I am yet to use these so I cant give a full review on what Its like.  The last thing is a lettuce and cucumber soap, My mum picked this up to try. This is type of soap is made for very sensitive skin.

Chocolate Egg- £2.40
Cake Slice- £4 (usual cake slices of soap are £5
Bath truffle- £2.50
Lettuce and cucumber soap- £3

 I cant wait to get back to York and visit this shop again...definitely one of my new favourites.

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