Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Call the Midwife Location Tours

It wasnt long before my 20th Birthday last year I mentioned to my mum about going to the Call the Midwife Location tour for my birthday. On Friday (19th June) I turned 21, I was given an envelope my dad had quite clearly made with a picture of Miranda Hart (as Chummy) on the front. Inside was an email saying there was 2 tickets booked for me and my mum to go on the CTM tour.

Call the Midwife is one of my favourite shows, which is why I really wanted to come to this and see where they shoot the show and how they dress it up to look like 1950's Poplar. When you arrive and collected your tickets you are greeted by your own 'Midwife', which I loved the idea of- Keeping it in with the show. Each of the tour guides/ Midwifes has there own different style of showing you around and telling you different things, Our guide was so nice and friendly but...she got two or three things wrong which did annoy me a little...but then again we all make mistakes.

This isn't real! This building is featured alot in Call the Midwife, the doorway and the sign is completely fake. Talking about fake doorways, On the image below to make it look more like homes/flats they add in a lot of fake doors (the side with the light on).

During the filming of the last episode of series 3, Children are seen drawing on the wall just as Jenny leaves a mother's home after a difficult birth. The workers in the Ropery over in the next building come and draw over the drawings every time they get washed away by the rain.

Fan of Call the Midwife? Recognise the building in the image below? Yeah they dont show you this on the tour! They take you up to a tunnel and then this is right at the other end, as well as another building which is featured a heck of a lot.

The most recognisable street from Call the Midwife! 

If you are a fan of Call the Midwife I recommend going on the tour of Dock yard, you learn so much about how they dress the buildings up and how they use different parts of the dockyard for the show. I really want to go back!

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