Monday, 13 April 2015

Sand Witches

While in York last week, we were wandering around trying to find somewhere to get something to eat, we wanted something not to fussy and inexpensive. We ended up coming across a place in the shambles called 'Sand Witches'. The cafe main speciality is sandwiches with a huge variety to choose from, Out of all of the sandwiches they made the one thing that caught my eye was 'Hot American Pancakes'. So I had 3 American pancakes with lemon and sugar with two dolops of wiped cream either side.

The rooms in the cafe were themed, we ended up sitting in the music room. This was plastered with quotes from musicians, Pictures of Blondie, Bowie and Iggy Pop, another half of the room was Jazz inspired. We stayed on the good music side with Bowie, On one wall there was a section of some bands from Yorkshire (pictured above) and my favourite 5 Kaiser Chiefs were featured. The top floor was film inspired.

If you ever visit York I highly recommend this place to eat, inexpensive and super scrummy!

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