Monday, 7 September 2015

Vintage Hair || Mini Victory Roll

 A vintage hair post is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I just never manage to get the photos to work how I want. My camera decided to cooperate with me the other day to do this post.

I'm always watching videos on Vintage Hair and how to do it on YouTube by watching 'Cherry dollface' videos. How to do Victory Rolls is one video I have watched a fair amount and my hair just wont cooperate with this style so I have given up now trying to get them to work. 
Instead I have managed a mini victory roll and I wanted to share how to do it in today's post.

(sorry about the background..)

What you will need:

- Straightener or curling iron
- Styling clips
- Hair grips/ bobby pins
- back combing brush

I'm going to begin with saying, I am not the greatest when it comes to explaining things but I'm going to try.

1. To start with you want to section a part of your hair, I go from the top of my ear and straight up. Once you have sectioned this part of your hair, tie or clip back other parts of your hair out the way.

2. Start to curl, I curl up and away from the face. When you are doing this you want to try and part the hair into 3/4 sections. After you have curled a piece roll it back upon its self to create a pin curl and clip it down by using a styling clip.

3. Leave the hair until it is completely cool before you take it out and try and style it.

4. Once the hair is cooled using the comb back comb the hair at the roots, after you have done this lightly brush all three sections together (You dont want to put it up and the hair separates back to sections and try not to brush the back combing out).

5. Use a bit of hair spray on the front of the hair, using the backcombing brush very lightly smooth over the hair so there is no fly away's.

6. Take all the hair up and using the curl of the hair roll it back down and secure onto your head using bobby pins. This does involve alot of trial and error, and points when you want to give up completely, I do this almost every other day and I sill mess up at times.
When securing the roll make sure you try and hide the clips, sometimes it can be hard (especially when the hair your using can be different lengths or its thick) The more backcombing the more it holds.

Finally the hairspray again.

If you want to know how to produce proper victory rolls I recommend looking on YouTube.
I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post, If I can achieve anything else I may do more like this.

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