Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lush || MMMelting Marshmallow Moment

'Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in and gently launch this soft marshmallow pillow across the water and watch it bob and foam away.'

When going to the Lush in Manchester this was right at the top of my list to get (even though you can get it in my local Lush). When I visited the Oxford Street Lush I noticed they sold bath oils so I picked up the 'Melting marshmallow moment' (Which was heavenly), I had no idea they had a bath melt with the exact same scent.

This is nothing special- Design wise, Just a light pink dome smelling of sweets. When I used the bath oil this turned the water pink and made the water super soft, same goes with this. It makes the bath water creamy and pink and a sweet scent that lasts the whole bath, which also leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling sweet. If you love the sweet scents from Lush like Snow Fairy for example this is a perfect scent for you- Highly Recommend.

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