Saturday, 27 September 2014

Primark Haul || Autumn 2014

Its been a while. The last time I went into Primark to buy anything for my self was way back in June and I only brought a couple of tops and this time I only brought one :(  . Primark had a lot of things I really liked and when I tried them on they had a really odd shape or they didnt have my size. I am in desperate need of new tops but I dont want to constantly keep getting band t-shirts or graphic t-shirts. I love my collared shirts and Primark had tones I liked but the majority of them were so sheer, I picked up one I fell in love with not sheer and a perfect autumn colour. Tried it on when I got home, moved my arm gap appears where the buttons do up...oh hey bra, this is going back because it would get on my nerves so much.  I will stop rambling and get on with my haul.
 After buying these a couple of weeks ago I now understand why people love them so much, so I picked up another pack. £4
 When Primark fist opened in town a couple of months ago I spotted these as I was walking through. I went back a couple of days later to have a look at them properly they had completely vanish. The same thing kept happening when ever I went in, but today I found them hidden away and they became mine.  Rolling Stones PJ bottoms- £8
 I had seen these in someone's blog post or video and never thought they would be in my local Primark and when I spotted some Harry Potter t-shirts I found these hidden among them. They are Grey joggers with the Hogwarts logo (cant think of the actual name) and the word hogwarts down one leg. £10
 I wear leggings the majority of the time and thought it would be about time I picked up some more of the skinny fit jeans from Primark. £11
Love. £1.50
 There was no top that matched the Rolling Stones PJ bottoms so I picked up a plain blue top from the mens section. £2.50

As if I needed another band t-shirt  picked up this baseball styled Ramones t-shirt. I love this because it is different compared to all these other people going around with the normal Ramones t-shirts on.

I hope you have enjoyed this small Primark Haul. 

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