Thursday, 22 August 2013

JuJu Jelly Shoes

(Sorry for the bad quality of this picture)

I personally feel that these shoes need there own blog post. I love Jelly Shoes, I like the whole look and the whole design of the shoes. If you were a child of the 90s you probably owned a pair of jelly shoes, I did...I had a gold glitter pair, silver glitter pair and a red pair. Someone I follow on Instagram posted a picture of some Jelly shoes she had purchased and i went on the hunt all over the inter-webs for a pair and finally found them on Office website in loads of different colours and 2/3 designs.

I was hesitant to buy a pair because I wasn't sure how I would wear them,what they would look like or if I could even pull them off. Recently a pair of sandals I brought from New Look had broken on me (I hadn't even worn them that much for them to break as much as they had). I then decided to get a pair of them at last. Office had sold out, I couldn't find them on ASOS any more, Top Shop was the only place with them left. As you can see from the picture I got the Clear Glittery ones. I love them, At first they are hard to walk in and get used to but after a while they are easy and so comfortable.
These were £20 from Top Shop,Office and Asos (If you can find them again) in Office and online they do a wide variety of colours. 


  1. Your header are so amazing!

  2. I am desperate for a pair of Jelly Shoes, i have also got my eye on the Topshop ones, I think they are so cool, my favourites are definitely the clear sparkly ones, you can pair them with practically any outift and they look fab, especially in summer! We've followed you, and would majorly appreciate it if you could go on our blog and read/comment and follow back if you like it? thankyou xx

  3. I started a new blog and would be great if I could know what you think about him. Follow me if you like. Lots of love.

  4. Jelly shoes remind me of the 90's. The clear ones you can pair with everything!

    Lovely blog