Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mini Lush Haul.

Today i bring you a MINI Lush haul and an added on Lush thing at the end also only one of the things out of this mini lush haul has been used. At the beginning of December we finally got a Lush were i live. Its like heaven. Even though there one in town now, Brighton's Lush is still by far my favourite Lush to go to. 
Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
I have never tried this before, but i have had other bubble bars so i know what they do and what to expect from this one. With alot of the bubble bars, just half a bar is enough for a mountain of bubbles and then save the other half for another day. Crumble the bar under the hot running tap to produce the bubbles. This smells amazing, It smells a bit like bubblegum, vanilla and it has a very slight floral scent, I love anything that smells like sweets, so for me this is perfect.Yum. From other bubble bars ive had they seem to change the bath water a different colour, so i am expecting this to go pink. This is an affordable price at £2.50.
 Think Pink Bath Ball Ballistic
I picked this up in Lush, I have had it before in a Gift box i was given for my Birthday a while ago now. This has very sweet vanilla/ floral scent to it which isn't very overpowering and strong , This  is a very girly bath bomb. When placed in the bath it fizzes really well and turns the water a very light pink, when the outside of the bath bomb has dissolved there are alot of small confetti hearts in the middle. This leaves your skin feeling very soft and leaving a slight Vanilla scent. This does crumple alot even before you put it into the bath so beware for a lot of pink powder all over you, and also the hearts can be quite hard to get rid of. This is an affordable bath bomb for £2.50.
(Picture bellow) Dragons Eggs
Sorry for the bad iPod photo here. This is the only bath bomb in this whole post that has been used. I brought one of these a while ago and it was amazing, This one was brought for my brother a i knew he would enjoy everything that this bath bomb does. 
The outside is a very creamy white and when put into the hot running water the white melts away, inside it is bright orange and fizzes and inside of that a Gold center. The Bath water turns orange with a gold shimmer. I would say that the scent smells like citrus and floral, almost a general Lush smell, the scent of the product made me fall in love with it. The bath bomb leaves the water very soft, and it also contains confetti. I think that this bath bomb was £3.90, which is quite a bit 

I want to share this with you that i got for Christmas. I got this from my Brother, 'Rocket around the Christmas Tree'. This contains Snow Globe Soap, Rocket Reusable Bubble Bar and Father Christmas Bath Ballistic.      'Shoot for the stars with this stellar trio limited edition. It out of this world.'

Rocket Reusable Bubble Bar
This is obviously in the shape of a Rocket, with bright eye catching colours such as blue and pink on the product and a trail of Orange and Red 'flames'. Similar to the other Bubble bars you hold this under the hot running tap to allow some of the product to dissolve and create alot of bubbles. Then when done, leave it on the side for another day. For a Christmas product, this isn't very christmassy. The scent is quite sweet, smells slightly of ginger (Which makes it slightly more festive). I am guessing, because the other bubble bars do this will change the water a different colour, Blue maybe? I have noticed on the back of the bubble bar there are quite alot of Stars in this.

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic
From a blog post i read and the information on the tag on the box, This changes colour! Leaving the bath water a dark green with foam and alot of red glitter. Im not a fan of the Glittery Lush products i tend to give them a miss. Im interested in using this and how it tuns out. This scent has a slight floral scent and also smells of Orange slightly.
Snow Globe Soap
This is my first Lush soap and for my first Lush soap this is amazing! I love the smell, its smells like lemon and lime. I wish the scent lasted on you after you have used it though, that's the only downside about it. This is find is something you would want to use in the Summer instead of the Winter. This lathers really well like a normal soap, you do need to cut it in half, this makes it last slightly longer and makes it alot easier to use.I think i saw this in Lush a couple of days ago with 50% off. Im not sure though.

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