Monday, 20 August 2012

Max Factor: Smooth Effect Foundation ||Review

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Max Factor-Smooth effect foundation in Creamy Ivory 45
Info from packaging: 'Glided on effortlessly for a smooth even finish. Suitable tor sensitive skin. Wont clog pores and is Oil free.

Ive needed a new foundation for a while now and finally brought a new not the one to rush and go and get a new foundation straight away or have another already as a backup.
The foundation i have just finished was the 17 Miracle Matt Foundation. I dont think this was amazing as the website and the packaging made out that it was. After watching a video of someone's everyday make up routine, i saw that they put some foundation onto the back of there hand and warmed it up slightly with there finger, so it would blend into the skin better. After seeing the video i started using the foundation like that and it worked alot better.

But onto this new foundation...I find that doing the same routine with this foundation as i did with the old one works well, the foundation blends in to the skin easily. I only use a small amount to cover my whole face, it covers the imperfections on your skin well, you'd still have to use maybe a concealer under/over it as it doesn't cover everything. I found that the colour of the foundation looks far to light for your skin, but once blended in you cant really tell and still covers things.
The constancy is very liquidy which i like in a foundation, i hate things like foundation that have thick consistency i find that it is alot harder to blend into your skin. I find that the foundation lasts all day, even i hot weather...its been ridiculously hot today i have felt like i was melting...the foundation stayed in place and lasted all day, i was amazed! 

Overall this foundation works wonders, it lasts all day and gives really good coverage.
I think this was priced at £7.99 from Boots.

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